Volume 6 Issue 5

Research Article

Adjuvants, their Role, and Safety Profile in Vaccines

Merita Kucuku. 6(5): 84-96.

Research Article

Quality of Life in Patients Operated with Obturator Mesh for Urinary Incontinence at Hospital Materno Infantil, Tegucigalpa, 2018-2019

Maria Alejandra Orellana Rivera, Alvaro Julian Funez Quezada, David Enrique Lobo Galindo and Oscar Fawed Ortega Reyes. 6(3): 71-75.

Research Article

Systematic Review Reflecting the Magic Role of CART - cell in Central Nervous System with Secondary Lymphomas

Ghada ELGohary, Karim Mohamed ELshatoury and Riad El Fakih. 6(5): 188-206.

Review Article

Diagnosis and Management of Heart Valvular Diseases and Heart Failure in Pregnancy

Mohammed Mansour Almutlaq, Nuha Jamaan Alghamdi and Fahad Murdhi AlEnazi. 6(5): 115-121.

Case Report

Gigantic Pleomorphic Adenoma: An Impossible Intubation? (A Case Report)

Amine Zerhouni, S Benhamza, M Lazraq, Y Miloudi, A Bensaid and N Elharrar. 6(5): 18-21.

Case Report

Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Presented as Acute Heart Failure: A Case Report

Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska, Lazarova E, Kostovski L, Bosevski M, Kjaeva-Anastasova S and Pejkov H. 6(5): 37-42.

Case Report

Tumoral Calcinosis in a Patient on Hemodialysis Involving Cervical Spine and Hips

Khadija Laasri, Kaoutar Imrani, Fatima Zahrae El Mansoury, Nabil Moatassim Billah and Ittimade Nassar. 6(5): 28-32.

Case Report

Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES)

Aboud AlJabari. 6(5): 64-66.

Case Report

A Rare Diagnosis of Nasopharyngeal Papillary Adenocarcinoma - Thyroid Like Type

F Rhana Mousavi, Abanoub Gabra, Nick A Hirad and Alan Schiller. 6(5): 22-27.

Case Report

From Gamma Gandy Bodies to Geographic Enhancement: An Imaging Approach to Diagnosing Congestive Splenomegaly

Yassine Zerhari, Asaad El Bakkari, Mohammed Ennmer, Hatim Essaber, Soukaina Allioui, Hounayda Jerguigue, Youssef Omor and Rachida Latib. 6(5): 58-60.

Case Report

Posterior Bronchogenic Mediastinal Cysts: Case Report

Eduarda Gomes Martins, Lairane Bridi Loss, Juliana Casotti Santi, Paula Gomes Martins, Clarissa Carlini Frossard and Wagner Santos da Silva. 6(5): 33-36.

Case Series

Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis - Experience in Two Australian Hospitals

Matthew Ng, Zarif Yahya, Michael Issac and Grace Chew. 6(5): 76-83.

Mini Review

Inflammation: The Father of All Maladies

Maika G Mitchell. 6(5): 61-63.