Article submissions accepted for upcoming issue by April 29, 2024

About Us

We first launched EC Journals in 2014 with an idea to enable researchers to make their research freely and promptly available on the web. All our journals provide authors the option of publishing their work under an open access licence. In the coming days, we intend to expand the list of our Journals.

We are a peer reviewed international publisher aiming to exhibit research in all sectors of scientific technology and advancements. Our prime focus is to accept papers with originality, novelty, interdisciplinary appeal, relevance, openness, readability, ease of access, connectivity, visibility, efficiency, quality and completeness.

We came up with a mission to:

extend our service to the scientists by disseminating substantial, fundamental, fruitful developments in all domains of science as quickly as humanly possible and to provide a venue for presenting and exchange of scientific and clinical concepts and concerns.

  • Communication and enrichment of science.
  • Evidence based research publication
  • To get to know, to discover, to publish
  • For the scientific writer, readability is crucial.
  • For professionals, getting a paper published is a part of their research career.