Volume 12 Issue 5

Research Article

The Role of Psychosocial Support and Digital Psychosocial Intervention in Empowering Breast Cancer Patients

Dimitrios Charos, Andriopoulou M and Vivilaki V. 12(5): 26-34.

Review Article

Trauma: Problems of Study

Rozin VM. 12(5): 01-11.

Review Article

Whither Emotional Intelligence in Mental Healthcare

Shauryaa Sharma and Anand Prakash. 12(5): 38-56.

Review Article

The Body Schema: Current Data and Definition

EW Pireyre. 12(5): 15-25.

Review Article

Savant Syndrome: A Concise Review of the Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Dabeluchi C Ngwu, Nicholas A Kerna, John V Flores, Kevin D Pruitt, ND Victor Carsrud, Hilary M Holets, Sudeep Chawla, Joseph Anderson II, Abimbola E Arisoyin, Uchechukwu C Okoye and Damilola A Adeyemo. 12(5): 33-47.