Volume 18 Issue 4

Research Article

Carcinogenic Aflatoxins and Aflatoxicol in Cheeses Sampled in Mexico

Magda Carvajal-Moreno, Patricia Velez, Valentín Rojas-Marín and Silvia Ruiz-Velasco. 18(4): 28-40.

Research Article

The Influence of Marital Status on BMI Level among Nigerian Adults

AS Adekoya and CI Ojo. 18(4): 60-67.

Review Article

Review on Comparison of Diabetic Drugs

Vidhya Varshini D, Divya Sree T, Punniyakoti Veeraveedu Thanikachalam and Velmurugan R. 18(4): 04-16.

Retrospective Study

The Impact of a Low Energy Partially Hydrolysed Enteral Formula on Feeding Experiences in Children Tube Fed with Neuro-Disabilities: National Multicentre Retrospective Study

Graeme O’Connor, Martha Van Der Linde, Zoltan Hartfiel Capriles and Sharan Saduera. 18(4): 10-19.