Volume 7 Issue 11


Human Brain: Mystery Revealed?

Janetius ST. 7(11): 748-750.

Research Article

Electrodermal Hyporeactivity as a Marker for Vulnerability to Suicide in Depression

Lars-Håkan Thorell and Wahlin K. 7(11): 760-769.

Short Communication

Their Assistance and Contribution to Hygiene and Disease

Eleni Krikeli. 7(11): 790-792.

Mini Opinion

Parasomnias: A Nightmare Theme

Gabriel Miranda Nava. 7(11): 795.

Research Article

Impact of Breast Cancer and its Treatments on Tunisian Patients’ Quality of Life: Case Control Study

Nada Charfi, Leila Mnif, Mohamed Guermazi, Kais Chaabane, Abdelaziz Jaoua and Jawaher Masmoudi. 7(11): 812-821.

Short Communication

Orofacial Myology Can Provide Help for Trichotillomania

Sandra R Coulson. 7(11): 822-823.


On Autonomy and Addiction

Sareen Hagopian. 7(11): 826-828..


What is the Dual Disorder?

Silvia Hernando Sanz. 7(11): 841-842.

Case Study

Restorative Justice: A Critical Review

Gabriel Oluseyi Akinyemi. 7(11): 862-868.

Short Communication

Young People’s Experiences of Transition in Mental Health Services - A Key Perspective to Consider

Cathy Street, Leanne Walker and Amanda Tuffrey. 7(11): 877-879.

Case Report

Neurosarcidosis Presentation with Psychotic Features- A Case Report

Saad Wasiq, Hina Saeed, Maira Nusrat, Amber Ehsan, Ali Tariq and Saher Aslam. 7(11): 891-895.

Review Article

Cultural Factors Contributing to Stupidity

James F Welles. 7(11): 904-910.


Child Education is Previous to Schooling

Isidro García Getino. 7(11): 911-912.

Research Article

Immediate Healing for Personality Development

Mohamed Hadi Eltonsi. 7(11): 913-919.


World Ambassador Dolls Proposal: A Toy to Advance Linguistic Development within Children

Riley Rivera, Samantha Roberts and Saima Kazmi. 7(11): 920-923.

Research Article

Is Clinical Competence Context Specific? An Exploration of Mental Health, Pediatric, and Rehabilitative Clinical Practice Settings

Lisa Gordon-Handler, Michael Masaracchio, Lynn Hassan and Amiya Waldman-Levi. 7(11): 924-931.

Conceptual Paper

Awareness of the play

Esraa Farag. 7(11): 932.

Research Article

Emotional Distress among Outpatient of Palliative Care Unit at Soetomo Hospitals Surabaya

Eka Yuni Nugrahayu and Agustina Konginan. 7(11): 933-938.