Volume 12 Issue 2


The Mass of Emotions

Sabrina Ulivi and Giovanni Cozzolino. 12(2): 21-23.

Research Article

Positive Youth Developmental Assets and 5CS on Roma and Egyptian Minority Adolescents in Albania during Covid-19

Eglantina Dervishi, Fatjona Hysi and Albana Canollari-Baze. 12(2): 01-09.

Research Article

Attachment Style and the Mirror of Self

Rivka Edery. 12(2): 17-20.

Research Article

How Messages about COVID-19 May Have Affected People’s Sense of Threat and Mental Health

Paul Gilbert, Basran J, Plowright P and McEwan K. 12(2): 47-57.

Review Article

The Problem of Fentanyl in Mexico, beyond its Consumption

Cesar Augusto Carracoza Venegas. 12(2): 58-63.

Review Article

Psychiatrist Decision Making for Treatment of Depression: A Systematic Review

Asima Mehaboob Khan, Rizwan Taj, Aamir Naveed and Abdul Wali. 12(2): 10-16.

Case Series

Narcolepsy Cases with Different Clinical Symptoms

Dilarom Demiralay. 12(2): 24-27.