Volume 14 Issue 4

Research Article

Effects of Palm Oil Colorant on the Renal Functions and Body Weights of Albino Rats

Oparaocha Evangeline Tochi, Akawi Jovita Amarachi, Eteike Precious and Nnodim Johnkennedy. 14(4): 311-315.

Literature Review

The Link between Gut Microbiota and Athletic Performance

Mihai Anghel. 14(4): 322-328.


Is Meat Poultry Production Safe?

Ayshah Abdali. 14(4): 330-331.

Research Article

Household Pond Fish Production Increases Fish Consumption Frequency and Dietary Diversity of Reproductive Age Women in the Southern Ethiopia

Derese Tamiru Desta, Gordon A Zello, Fikadu Reta Alemayehu, Tafesse Kefyalew Estfanos, Kyla Zatti and Murray Drew. 14(4): 332-343.

Research Article

New Bulgarian Food Supplement in the Treatment and Prevention of Obesity

Stella Schekerdjiiska, Tеodora Handjieva-Darlenska, Nikolay Georgiev and Alexander Oscar. 14(4): 344-348.

Review Article

Celiac Disease: Causes, Management and Treatment

Etoamaihe Chioma Jennifer. 14(4): 349-359.

Research Article

Proximate Properties, Functional Components, and Vitamin and Mineral Content of Nixtamalized Lagkitan Corn (Zea mays L.)

Ann C Cayetano, Liezl M Atienza and Clarissa B Juanico. 14(4): 360-372.


Foods that Help to Heal Wounds

Marina Espinosa. 14(4): 373-374.


Fasting - The age old practice and why it is in vogue again

Sreemathy Venkatraman. 14(4): 375-376.

Research Article

Awareness and Practice of Reading Packed Food Labels and its Associated Factors among Consumers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Liyu Tadesse, Jemal Hayder, Aynye Negesse and Higu Kefale. 14(4): 377-385.

Research Article

Toxicological Effects of Fried Potato Chips Supplementation on Young Rats

Abdullah S Alrethaia. 14(4): 386-394.