Volume 14 Issue 11

Mini Review

Dairy Products and Health, Realities

Ramón De Cangas Morán and Aldo Hernández Monzón. 14(11): 917-921.

Review Article

Improving Wellness through Fighting Overweight: Towards an Efficient Social Strategy

Chérifa Lakhoua Kassar and Asma Baazaoui Mustapha. 14(11): 961-974.

Mini Review

Essential Oils: An Emerging Trend in Food Preservation

Ritesh Mishra. 14(11): 07-10.

Literature Review

The Gut Microbiota, Obesity and the Effect of Dietary Modulation and Bariatric Surgery on the Microbiome: A Review of the Literature

Shaneeta Johnson, Kayellen Umeakunne, Carolyn Moore, Ayana Worthey, Samy Bendjemil, Ed Childs, Larry Hobson and Omar Danner. 14(11): 11-15.

Mini Review

Healthy Nutrition: A Biochemist’s View

Peter F Surai. 14(11): 16-20.

Mini Review

Carob Powder Alternative to Cocoa

Fasiuddin Mohd. 14(11): 21-25.

Review Article

Essential Compounds in Skin Health

Valentin-Vasile Hiticas, Monica Butnariu and Ioan Sarac. 14(11): 50-57.

Research Article

Brief Assessment of Nutrition Service at Selected Government Hospital, Ethiopia, 2018

Sileshi Demelash, Berhanu Wodajo, Aweke Kebede, Solomon Eshetu and Temegen Aweke. 14(11): 58-64.

Research Protocol

The International Toonditer Seinal Alfortal Alsantial Activity

Elena Ivanovna Ponomareva, Lukina Svetlana Ivanovna, Skvortsova Olga Borisovna and Parinova Anastasia Vladimirovna. 14(11): 65-69.

Review Article

“Eat-ology” A Behaviour Modification Approach for Sustainable Weight Loss

Samra Abouchacra, Satish Chandrasekhar Nair, Juma Musabah AlKaabi, Abdishakur Abdulla, Mazen Taha, Mohamad Milad Ismail, Mazen Askheta, Thekra Abdul Salam Al Sayadi, Durra Mohammed Al Baloushi and Oudi Abouchacra. 14(11): 70-73.

Mini Review

Importance of Iodine Intake Beyond the Thyroid

Roland Gaertner. 14(11): 74-80.

Research Article

Assessment of Potential Human Exposure to Arsenic in Imported and Locally Produced Rice in Kenya

Lucy Akinyi Aduda, Henry Mwangi, Sauda Swaleh and Wilson M Njue. 14(11): 86-95.

Case Report

Prolonged Icterus in the Course of Galactosemia Presentation of a Case

Ursula Hilaria Carrillo Estrada, Rosa María García Nieblas, Nancy Dueñas Gobel, Silvia Clariris Roche Case, Geleny Marìa Alonso Sánchez, Cecilia Margarita Castañeda Garcìa, Georgina Marìa Zayas Torriente, Annie Sanabria Villar and Dainet Abreu Soto. 14(11): 96-100.

Research Article

Multi-Targeted Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors with Reg´Activ Cholesterol Food Supplement

Tiiu Kullisaar, Tiit Salum, Kersti Zilmer, Aune Rehema and Mihkel Zilmer. 14(11): 101-110.

Research Article

Controlling the Bacteriological Quality of Expensive Chicken Meat

Djerrab Leila and Chekroude Zohra. 14(11): 111-117.


World Food Day - Food as a Donor of Love

Ivana Lavanda. 14(11): 118-120.



Ana Isabel Cabrero Serrador. 14(11): 975.