Volume 13 Issue 3


How Sargassum fusiforme Polysaccharides Promote Health Condition

Peichao Chen, Ya Zhang and Mingjiang Wu. 13(3): 63-64.

Research Article

Impacts of Grape Pomace on the In Vitro Starch Digestion and Overall Digestibility of Extruded Food Products

Valencia Cobb, Jianmei Yu, Si Zhu, Ivy Smith and Guibing Chen. 13(3): 65-70.

Mini Review

Misunderstanding on Subjective Events

Mario Ciampolini. 13(3): 90-93.

Research Article

Physio-Chemical Properties of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) Stored in Locally Constructed Postharvest Cold Storage House

Patrick Mulindwa, Ivan Lule, Christopher Adaku, Paul Okiror and Peter Nkedi-Kizza. 13(3): 99-112.

Literature Review

Proteins, Catabolism and Sepsis: A Literature Review

Macarena Lucia Fernandez Carro. 13(3): 126-134.

Research Article

Microbial Quality Evaluation of Tiger Nut Beverage (Kunun Aya) Processed Sold in University of Maiduguri

Badau MH, Bilyaminu D, Ogori AF, Charles B and Ogori Joeguluba. 13(3): 138-142.

Research Article

Technological Developments for Producing Soft Meat that Retains its Original Shape and can be Preserved at Room Temperature

Aya Nakajima, Tihiro Noda, Misuzu Inaba, Yoshie Yamagata and Jun Kayashita. 13(3): 156-165.