Volume 12 Issue 7

Research Article

The Current State of Medical Informatics Curricula in Undergraduate Medical Education: A National Survey

Dani Zoorob, Lauren Leiby, Camille Bratton, Catherine VanHook and Anita Tamirisa. 12(7): 31-45.

Research Article

In Vitro Oocyte Maturation Based on Presence or Absence of Granulosa Cells in the Methods of ART in Mehr Institute

Mostafa Ashrafi Osalou, Maryam Taheri and Leila Rouhi. 12(7): 24-30.

Review Article

Determinants, Consequences, Sequelae, Treatment, and Prevention of Preterm or Premature Birth (Preemie): A Desktop Primer

Dabeluchi C Ngwu , Nicholas A Kerna , Kevin D Pruitt , ND Victor Carsrud , Hilary M Holets , Sudeep Chawla, John V Flores and Adebola Y Afolayan . 12(7): 68-86.

Case Report

Vaginal Delivery After Two Cesareans. About a Clinical Case

Cuvellier N and Kamto Fotso CS. 12(7): 01-04.

Case Report

Successful Management of Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy

Suneeta Mittal and Deepika S Hooda. 12(7): 57-62.