Volume 18 Issue 9


Tinnitus and its Role in Orthodontics

Rohit Kulshrestha. 18(9): 1969.

Research Article

Seasonal Trends in the Prevalence of Oral Diseases among the Population of Greater Noida between 2011-12 and 2017-2018: A Longitudinal Analysis

Swati Sharma, Alankrita Chaudhary, Kuldeep Dhanker, Sahil Thakar, Mayank Jain and Manish Sharma. 18(9): 1970-1976.

Review Article

PRF: A Revolutionary Multipurpose Autogenic Biomaterial

Ujjwal Gulati, Mehvash Gulati, Gurkeerat Singh, Deepak Rai, Raghav Vasudeva and Nancy Madaan. 18(9): 1977-1999.

Case Report

Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma of the Maxilla: Report of a Rare Case

Rilna P, K Sankar, Sathyanarayanan R, Nithin Joseph Jude, Raghu K and Thamizhp Pozhil Guna. 18(9): 2000-2004.

Review Article

Laser Essentials for the Dental Practitioner: Foundation Knowledge - Construction, Modes of Operation and Safety

Steven Parker, Mark Cronshaw, Eugenia Anagnostaki and Edward Lynch. 18(9): 2020-2027.

Mini Review

Bracketed Benevolent, Bleb-Milia

Anubha Bajaji. 18(9): 2028-2037.

Research Article

Correlation between Body Mass Index and Dental Caries among 3 to 12 Years Old School Children in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Cross Sectional Study

Haridoss, Kavitha Swaminathan, Vasanthakumari Anandan and Selvakumar. 18(9): 2042-2047.

Literature Review

Prevalence of Impacted Maxillary Canines and its Associated Anomalies among a Dental College Patients

Huda Abutayyem, Farida Fouly, Nancy Awny, Tamer El-Marsafawy and Rania Hamed Ghanem. 18(9): 2048-2058.

Research Article

Research Attitude among Fresh Dental Graduates: A Survey to Determine Existing Facilities and Barriers in Research in Lahore Pakistan

Muhammad Umer Quddoos, Faiz Rasul, Mehwish Tariq, Shamta Sufia, Hafiz Saleem Faisal Shahzad and Abdul Wadood. 18(9): 2067-2078.

Case Report

Seal to Heal: Gutta Flow Bioseal

Harpreet Singh and Pooja Kapoor. 18(9): 2079-2081.

Research Article

Parent’s Awareness of Primary Teeth Health: A Case Study in Riyadh and Dammam Dental Clinics

Anwar Saeed AL-Habib, Noor Zaki Alzayer, Shatha Saeed Alhabib and Shifaa Saeed Alalqum. 18(9): 2082-2088.

Case Series

Vague and Versatile - Herpes Zoster, 2 Case Reports and Review

Nalini Tomar, Sweety Lalawat, Bhakti Patil Soman, Deepa Das, Pratik Malusare. 18(9): 2107-2115.

Case Report

Spontaneous Remission of Large Mandibular Radiolucency Confirmed with CBCT 3D Radiography Over 5 Years Follow-Up Period

Khalid A Ahmed, Faisal L Almutairi and Abdulaziz S Alharbi. 18(9): 2116-2121.

Case Report

Root Canal Treatment of Maxillary Second Premolar with Two Roots and Three Canals

Rahaf Omar Alashbat and Gufaran Ali Syed. 18(9): 2122-2125.

Research Article

Static Loading to Fracture of Standard Diameter vs. Narrow Machined Dental Implant

Lorusso Felice and Antonio Scarano. 18(9): 2126-2131.

Review Article

Local Anesthesia is Given Intraosseous (Spongy) Introduction

Arnold Petrikas, Medvedev DV, Yakupova LA, Efimova OE, Chestnyh EV, Kulikova KV, Sazonova KA. 18(9): 2132-2138.

Case Report

Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica: Unique Case Report of Blood Blisters

Nitin Tomar, Rimi Najeeb, Mayur Kaushik, Amit Wadhawan, Mehvish Saleem and Soundarya. 18(9): 2139-2142.

Mini Review

Monitoring of the Terms of Storage of Medicines in the Dental Office

Vesela Kavlakova-Nazarova, Iliya Peev and Rosen Tsolov. 18(9): 2143-2150.

Research Article

The Effect of Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse on the Color Stability of Porcelain - A Systematic Review

Mohammed A Musalli, Noor M Alfayez, Raneem A Almastadi, Rajwa A Sindi and Raniya A Alasiri. 18(9): 2151-2158.

Review Article

Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth: From Immediate Restorations to the “Reverse” Preparation Approach

Dimokritos Papalexopoulos and Gerasimos Filippatos. 18(9): 2159-2168.


Awareness in Orthodontics

Yulia Peeva. 18(9): 2169-2170.

Review Article

Biophotonics: An introduction to New Laser Users

Sonia Bordin-Aykroyd, Reinaldo Brito E, William P Leavitt, Galya Raz and Edward Lynch. 18(9): 2171-2186.

Research Article

Assessment of Condylar Height and Condylar Axis Angulation in Different Facial Types in Mixed Indian Population: A CBCT Study

Pushkar Andhare, Sanjeev Datana, Agarwal SS, Bhandari SK, Deepak Chauhan and Varun G. 18(9): 2187-2195.

Research Article

Clinical and Patient Satisfaction Evaluation of an Organic Olive Oil-Based Denture Adhesive Cream, OlivaFix Gold®, in Denture Wearers from 3 European Countries with Different Socio-Economical Characteristics

Andrea Mascolo, Patrick Bermot, Marco Bardelli, Alessandro Morelli, Oana Dinculescu, Manuela Martellini, Bruno Ghiozzi, Doina Bradu, Luigi Traversa, Orazio Cicero, Luigi Paternò, Romain Amsellem, Thierry Uzan, Valentina Buzariu, Olga Cloarenc, Pascal Gribelin, Amina Sakly, Marc Bogaert, Jean-Pierre Bogaert and Bart De Wever. 18(9): 2196-2205.

Research Article

Malnutrition and Diet Role in Prevention of Oral Disease

Turki Alotaibi. 18(9): 2206-2213.

Research Article

Dental Decay in the Change of Deciduous Teeth: The Child’s Self-Perception

Maria do Rosário Dias, Ana Catarina Santos, Letícia Naben and Irene Ventura. 18(9): 2214-2220.

Case Study

Oral Myiasis in a Living Individual with Diabetes - A Case of Insect Colonisation and Review of Literature

Aditya Mohan Alwala, MVS Sudhir, Praveen Vasamsetty, Ayona Saha and Srikanth Damera. 18(9): 2232-2237.

Research Article

The Role of Orthodontics in the Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA in Children: Systematic Review

Norah Alotaibi, Amani Alkhamees and Rabia Bilal. 18(9): 2238-2254.

Case Report

Clinical Management of Maxillary Central Incisor Extraction for Orthodontic Treatment- A Case Report

Jose Jacob, Balakrishna Shetty, Vivek Suku Ninan, Sudeep C Bhagavandas and Joseph Johny. 18(9): 2268-2277.

Case Report

Dental Rehabilitation for Pediatric Patient with Amelogenesis Imperfecta: A Case Report

Faris A Alotaibi, Abdullah I Albarkheel and Aboubekri T Boucelham. 18(9): 2278-2282.

Review Article

Ozone Therapy for Periodontal Disease- A Review

Harish Saluja, Shivani Sachdeva, Amit Mani and Mukund Singh. 18(9): 2283-2290.

Review Article

Hyperbaric Oxygen: Can it be a Beneficial Adjunct in Periodontitis???

Shivani Sachdeva, Harish Saluja, Amit Mani, Tanupriya Sonkar and Pallavi Madan Shetty. 18(9): 2291-2297.

Case Report

Extra Third Root "Radix Entomolaris" was Found Accidently during Extraction of Mandibular Permanent First Molar: Case Report

Abdulrahman Alamri, Mufareh Alamri, Alaa Albukhaiti, Khalid Albadr and Abdullah Alanazi. 18(9): 2298-2302.

Review Article

Laser-Tissue Interaction

Sonia Bordin-Aykroyd, Edward Lynch, William P Leavitt, Galya Raz and Reinaldo Brito Dias. 18(9): 2303-2308.

Research Article

Lateral Throat form Measurement Using Customised Gauge

Shruti Rachakonda, Rajyalakshmi R, M Praveen, A Gautam Kumar, Radha C and Vimal Bharathi. 18(9): 2312-2316.