Volume 8 Issue 3

Research Article

The Prevalence of Asthma and its Related Risk Factors among the Children in Hail Area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rafia Bano, Mohammad Shahid Ali, Aisha Ansari and Amal Naif. 8(3): 210-216.

Review Article

Helminthiasis and its Relationship with Lung Symptoms in Humans

Tarsila Ferraz Frezza. 8(2): 217-226.

Case Report

Chronic Pulmonary Granulomatous Schistosomiasis with an Atypical Presentation

Ayman F Yousef and Mohammed S Ishaq . 8(3): 227-231.

Case Series

Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum: Review of Two Cases

Jamila Rahmaan-Colder and Osita Onugha. 8(3): 232-236.


Controlling the Breath (Pranayama) for Longevity

Anirudh Kumar Satsangi. 8(3): 237-238.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Foreign Body Aspiration (Needle)

Michail Galanis, Saleem Elhabash, Ioannis Dimopoulos, Ryszard Turkiewicz and Berthold Gerdes. 8(3): 252-256.

Mini Review

Alcohol - New Thinking in Prevention

Olivia Doll and Curig L’Épagneul. 8(3): 257-260.

Case Report

A Perplexing Case of Recurrent Chest Pain

Maryum H Merchant, Iain M Smith and Joanne Bando. 8(3): 261-265.

Research Article

The Hybrid Causes for the High Cancer Incidences in Cold Climates in Humans

Sorush Niknamian and Somayeh Zaminpira. 8(3): 266-271.


The Puzzle of Patients Awareness of having COPD

Heba H AboElNaga. 8(3): 276-277.