Volume 9 Issue 8


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Sports

Daniel Ferreira Moreira Lobato. 9(8): 520-523.

Research Article

Factors Related to Amputation Level and Wound Healing in Diabetic Patients

Daniel Baumfeld, Tiago Baumfeld, Benjamim Macedo, Roberto Zambelli, Fernando Lopes and Caio Nery. 9(8): 524-529

Case Report

Nonsecretory Anaplastic Myeloma – A Case Report

Shyamasunder Bhat N, Vadiraja and SP Mohanty. 9(8): 530-532.

Research Article

Reliability and Validity of Hindi Version of Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire

Garima Gupta, Bhavana and Rishikesh. 9(8): 533-538.

Research Article

“Open Fractures Infection! Bacteriological Study and Risk Factors” Cohort Study

Ralahy Malinirina Fanjalalaina, Andrianimaro Florelia Martinetti, Mamy Ben Joseph, Widade and Razafimahandry Henri Jean Claude. 9(8): 539-545.

Case Report

Multiple Tumor Like Lytic Bone Lesions in a Young Patient with History of Uncontrolled Gout, A Case Report

Saeed Panahi, Seyyed Hadi Kalantar, Sare Moslemi, Mehdi Tavakkoli, Ahmadreza Behrouzi, Vahideh mardani , Faranak Rahmani and Mahmoud Farzan. 9(8): 546-550.

Case Report

One Patient Three Flaps

I Ghaffour, A Zouai, R Benkheda, O Laksari, M Mimouni, M Belaid and M Medjahed. 9(8): 562-566.

Research Article

Cobalt Chromium Bar versus Titanium in the Surgical Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis

Pierpaolo Mura, Silvia Casula, Luisanna Gambula and Maurizio Piredda. 9(8): 567-573.

Case Report

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Scaphoid Fracture Nonunion

Mourad Mekaouche, Mustapha Merabet and Houari Koriche. 9(8): 574-584.

Research Article

The Aging of the Face and the Fracture of the Floor of the Orbit in Ages

Randriamanantena Tahiriarivelo, Keita Cadia, Andrianimaro Florelia, Noémie Auger and Touré Gaoussou. 9(8): 601-605.

Short Communication

The Importance of Improving Health Literacy in Schools

Beatriz Minghelli. 9(8): 606-609.

Research Article

Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization of Damage of the Lower Extremities in Gunshot Wounds

Rizvan Ya Abdullaiev, Elena I Grechanyk, Faina I Kulikova, Natalia A Cherednichenko, Yuri A Demin and Maxim A Golyanischev. 9(8): 610-618.


Runner Woman and Fascia Lata

Gustavo Santángelo. 9(8): 619-620.


Conservative Pain Management

Shahil Patel. 9(8): 621-623.