Volume 14 Issue 6

Research Article

Novel Yoga Clothing Used in Physical Therapy in the Reduction of Low Back Pain - A Pilot Study

Justin Thomma, Billie Whitehouse, Madeleine Gong and Jeff Hiserman, PT. 14(6): 24-35.

Review Article

Innovative Applications of Nanotechnology in Orthopaedics: A Paradigm Shift in Healing and Patient Care

Muhammad Iftikhar Hanif, Vinnith Ramamurti, Siamak Sarrafan and H Bava Bakrudeen. 14(6): 54-60.

Review Article

Applications of Intelligent Implants for Infection Control in Orthopaedics: An Innovative Approach

Siamak Sarrafan, Muhammad Iftikhar Hanif, Vinnith Ramamurti, Talha Sultan and Batoul Beheshti. 14(6): 61-67.

Literature Review

Correlation between Bariatric Surgery and MSK

Omar Alsultan, Abdulmalik Almajed, Hisham Alhathloul, Abbas Sarang, Mutlaq Alsubaie and Mohammad Aldawood. 14(6): 18-23.