Volume 11 Issue 2


Retina Prostheses: A Short Review

Jie Sun. 11(2): 01-02.

Case Report

Retinal Toxicity from Intense Pulsed Light Therapy: A Case Report

Tony Ho and Limei Teo. 11(2): 01-04.

Case Report

Bilateral Submacular Serous Detachment in Systemic Lupus Erythematous

Miray Louis de Gonzague, Rafanomezantsoa Rindra, Domoina Hasina Laingonirina, Rakotomijoro Etienne and Raobela Léa. 11(2): 01-06.

Review Article

Ocular Involvement in Behcet’s Disease: An Overview

Faten Frikha, Mouna Snoussi, Raida Ben Salah and Zouhir Bahloul. 11(2): 01-08.

Case Report

Trauma of Optical Nerve Associated to Diencephalic Injury. Case Report

Wilson Enrique Fuentes Galvis, Carlos Eduardo Bermúdez Medina, Carlos Martin Moreno Arias, Montserrat Carulla Fornaguera and Wagib Abwmar Yaber. 11(2): 01-10.

Short Communication

Professional Confidentiality and Medical Secret. The Real Situation

Leonor Duarte de Almeida and Pedro Gehl Braz. 11(2): 01-05.

Research Article

Refractive and Biometric Changes after Ahmed Valve Implantation

Dmitrii Belov. 11(2): 01-08.

Research Article

Blood Glucose Level Impact on Biometric Parameters, Refraction and Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Subcompensated Insulin-Requiring Type II Diabetes

LA Mineeva, LI Balashevich, AA Kozhukhov, AA Baranov, LB Shubin and AV Kabanov. 11(2): 01-09.

Review Article

Deep Learning Model for Detection of Retinal Vessels from Digital Fundus Images- A Survey

Md Mohaimenul Islam, Tahmina Nasrin Poly, Suleman Atique, Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li and Hsuan Chia Yang. 11(2): 01-10.