Volume 1 Issue 3


Nutraceuticals: Beneficence Par Excellence

Deepak Viswanath and Vamsi Krishna. 1(3): 137-139.

Research Article

Bioavailability and Urinary Excretion of Phenolic-Derived Metabolites after Acute Consumption of Purple Majesty Potato in Humans

Catherine Tsang, Nacer F Smail, Gordon J McDougall, Suzanna Almoosawi and Emad AS Al-Dujaili. 1(3): 96-105.

Research Article

Effect of Traditional Fermented Buffalo Milk (Dadih) On Body Weight, Adipose Tissue Mass and Adiposity Inflammation in High Fat-Induced Obese Rats

Rio Jati Kusuma, Farhana Azzyati, Gurnita Purbarani, Rahayu Sulistyorini, Fera Nofiartika and Emy Huriyati. 1(3): 106-114.

Review Article

Biological Activity of Phytochemical Compounds in Pomegranate - A Review

Aaron Goertz and Kashif A Ahmad. 1(3): 115-127.

Research Article

Modified Ninhydrin Reagent for the Detection of Amino Acids on TLC Paper

Huda Elgubbi, Adel Maltin and Alham Alzaridy. 1(3): 128-131.

Review Article

A Review of the Effects of Blueberry on Obesity, Cancer and Neurocognitive Decline

Farideh Shafiee-Kermani and Mihai D Niculescu. 1(3): 145-154.

Research Article

Microbial Profile of Soymilk Whey/Pineapple Juice Blend

Ojukwu Moses, Osuji C.M, Ogueke C.C and Ahaotu N.N. 1(3): 155-163.