Volume 17 Issue 9

Research Article

Nutritional Assessment for Liver Cirrhosis Patients in Yemen/Sana’a 2021

Sadeq Hasan Al-Sheraji. 17(9): 02-17.

Research Article

Effects of Raspberry Leaf Tea (Rubus idaeus l.) in Labor: An Integrative Review

Sarah Mairink de Oliveira, Lamaira Condack Gonçalves, Fernanda Helena da Silva Almeida, Ana Carolina Ferreira Félix, Iury Antônio de Souza, Mayla Cardoso Fernandes Toffolo and Arthur da Silva Gomes. 17(9): 18-27.

Research Article

A Survey on Consumers with Lactose Intolerance in Italy: Their Perception, Habits and Needs When Shopping for Groceries

Maria Sole Facioni, Dominici S, Farace B, Apicella A, Romano MF and Tarabella A. 17(9): 28-42.

Review Article

Wild Mushrooms: The Neglected Fungi in Ethiopia

Melese Damtew Asfaw. 17(9): 43-48.

Literature Review

Presence of Plastic Microparticles in Chile: Human Health Risk

Rubén Pastene and Oscar Díaz. 17(9): 49-54.