Volume 16 Issue 8

Research Article

Daily Nutrition and Physical Fitness in People with Different Blood Group and Rh-Factor

Turski Wojciech Antoni, Wiśniewski Damian, Ludwiczak Monika and Urbanowicz Lidia. 16(8): 65-77.

Research Article

Epidemiology of Echinococcosis in the Northern Region of Russia

EO Utenkova, SV Baramzina and LV Oparina. 16(8): 01-07.

Research Article

Safer Glycemic Control Using a Fructose-Based Enteral Formula: A Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial

Magali CC Kumbier, Cassiano Teixeira, Suzi Alves Camey and Jussara Carnevale de Almeida. 16(8): 08-15.

Research Article

Toxicological Evaluation of Resistant Dextrin Preparations Derived from Tapioca and Corn Starch

Case I, Steve Prancevic, Seol Y, Duanne Knapp and Yonglin Gao. 16(8): 16-26.

Research Article

Place of Hymenoptera Parasitoids of Aphids in Two Citrus Orchards in Boumerdès, Algeria

Fekkoun S, Chebouti-Meziou N and Lacrouf F. 16(8): 27-32.

Review Article

Food Production for Mars and Other Hostile Environments - A Universal Sustenance Cell Approach

Tom Hollands, Mark Swainson and Wayne Martindale. 16(8): 46-52.

Review Article

The Truth: Are Humans Vegetarian, Carnivore, or Omnivore? A Review Based on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Digestive Tract

Nicholas A Kerna, John V Flores, Hilary M Holets, Abdullah Hafid, Kevin D Pruitt, ND Victor Carsrud, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Sahalia Rashid and Joseph Anderson II. 16(8): 78-86.

Mini Review

Methodological Approaches to Creating Healthy Food Products

Nikolay Nikolaevich Kornen, Elena Pavlovna Viktorova and Oksana Valerievna Evdokimova. 16(8): 53-58.