Volume 15 Issue 9

Research Article

Evaluation of Interventions for Primary Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in At-Risk Subjects in Africa : A Systematic Review

Metonnou-Adanhoume CG, Sossa JC, Azandjeme CS, Durieux V, Paraïso NM, Bio Nigan I and Agueh V. 15(9): 39-50.

Review Article

Functional Proteins from Seafood Processing Discards and their Applications

Sasidharan A and Venugopal V. 15(9): 51-57.

Research Article

A Study on the Effect of Blanching and Different Sugar Solution on the Quality of Candy Prepared from Bottle Gourd by Osmotic Dehydration Technique

Tania Sultana, Sultana Anjuman Ara Khanom, M Kamruzzaman and Laisa Ahmed Lisa. 15(9): 71-81.