Volume 14 Issue 6

Research Article

Formulation and Nutritional Evaluation of Cereal Based Complementary Food

Adefisola Bola Adepeju and Samson Ishola Ibironke. 14(6): 478-483.

Review Article

The Omega 7 as a Health Strategy for the Skin and Mucous Membranes

Vanesa León García. 14(6): 484-489.

Mini Review

Dietary Influence on Carcinogenesis

AF Ogori and MO Eke. 14(6): 490-492.

Short Communication

For Better or for Worse: Organic Versus Conventional Foods

Tahreem Hussain and Nilofer Fatimi Safdar. 14(6): 493-494..

Mini Review

Vitamin E Deficiency in Preterm Newborns

Jeane Medeiros and Roberto Dimenstein. 14(6): 495-497.

Short Communication

The Ketogenic Diet. Knowledge and Uses by Medical Students

Marinozzi Darío Medeiros Ana, Oliveira Moisés, Drogo Claudia and Trapé Marcela. 14(6): 498.

Research Article

Phytochemical Screening Study and Anti-Candida Evaluation of Acacia raddiana Leaves

Ahmed Elbath, Adel Altajtal and Huda Elgubbi. 14(6): 499-507.

Prospective Survey

DHA Supplementation for Military

Richard Starr. 14(6): 517-520.

Research Article

Assessment of Knowledge of Selected Sudanese Dietitians on Food and Drug Herbs Interactions

Sara Musa Abakar and Reem Hassan Ahmed Ali. 14(6): 523-526.

Short Communication

Older People with Chronic Illnesses: A Vision of the Future

Antonio Masiá Alegre. 14(6): 527-530.


The Grey Areas of Resveratrol Health Benefits

Anna Maria Posadino, Annalisa Cossu, Roberta Giordo and Gianfranco Pintus. 14(6): 531-534.