Volume 13 Issue 11

Research Article

Post-Harvest Loss Minimization of Rice Bran for Quality Bran Oil Production in Bangladesh

Md Anwarul Haque, Md Abu Sayed, Mahfujul Alam, Saima Jahan and Habibul Bari Shozib. 13(11): 667-675.

Review Article

Gluten-Free Diet: A Review Focusing on Wise Food Choices

Lee Yeonjae, Park Junghyun and Lee Jeong-Sang. 13(11): 676-681.

Short Communication

Deep Fried Foods and Associated Health Risks in Malaysia

Rao Sanaullah Khan. 13(11): 682-683.

Review Article

Review: Milk and Milk Products, Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and Cancer

Suresh Sutariya, Venkateswarlu Sunkesula, Ram Kumar and Kartik Shah. 13(11): 696-705.


Food Safety: Prevention of Disease and Maintaining Health

Mohamed Nizar Hamad. 13(11): 732-735.

Mini Review

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds’ Dietary Consumption

Diana Melo and M Beatriz Oliveira. 13(11): 738-741.