Volume 12 Issue 1


Phytosterols and Phytostanols Effect on Health

Sodeif Azadmard-Damirchi and Parisa Nasirpour-Tabrizi. 12(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Race-Day Catering in Professional Horseracing: Does Current Provision Facilitate Weight Management and Riding Performance?

Daniel Martin, George Wilson, James P Morton, Graeme L Close and Rebecca C Murphy. 12(1): 03-17.

Research Article

Assessment of Risk Factors Related to Nutrition and Dietary Intake among Omani Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Maryam Al-Fazari, Yahya M Al-Farsi, Maha M Al-Khaduri, Mostafa I Waly and Maha Suliman. 12(1): 18-28.

Review Article

Impact of Nonthermal Treatments on Quantity and Bioaccessibility of Phenolic Compounds in Food Matrix

Müzeyyen Berkel Kaşikci and Neriman Bağdatlioğlu. 12(1): 29-36.

Mini Review

Microemulsions as Nano-Carriers for Nutraceuticals: Current Trends and the Future Outlook

Soleiman Abbasi and Atefeh Amiri-Rigi. 12(1): 46-50.