Volume 18 Issue 7


Dental Management of Patients with Hemophilia A

Ambarkova Vesna. 18(7): 1355-1356.

Research Article

Effect of Nano Calcium Oxide Intra Canal Medicaments on the Sealing Integrity of Root Canal Treated Teeth

Ashraf S Al-Chalabi, Makdad Chakmakchi and Amer A Taqa. 18(7): 1369-1377.

Research Article

Surgical Management of Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws in Oncological Patients

Victoria Yaffe, Orit Oettinger Barak, Yasmen Ghantous, Shareef Araidy, Roman Mirochnik and Imad Abu El-Naaj. 18(7): 1378-1385.

Review Article

Therapy of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis in Pregnant Patients

Lončar Brzak Božana, Vučićević Boras Vanja, Pavelić Božidar, Terlević Diana, Granić Marko and Dumančić Jelena. 18(7): 1402-1408.

Case Report

Manual Dexterity: An Important Tool for Dentists

Syeda Zerin Imam. 18(7): 1409-1419.

Research Article

Evaluation of Feeding Practice in Infants with Cleft Lip and Palate at Cleft Centers

Sathiyavathi Mahendra Kumar, Bhavana Vankayala, Mahendra Kumar, Leneena Gudugunta, Jeevan Matada Basavarajaiah and Umayal M. 18(7): 1420-1427.

Research Article

Identifying the Different Kinds of Oral Candida Species in Denture Wearing Patients

Yasser Khaled and Bindiya K Pahuja. 18(7): 1428-1434.

Case Series

Replacement of TMJ Reconstruction Plates with Condylar Head by TMJ Concepts Custom-Made Prosthesis

Carlos Alberto Ruiz Valero, Jaime Santiago Guerrero and Andrés Gómez-Delgado. 18(7): 1448-1452.

Case Report

Construction of Planas Direct Tracks by the Indirect Method with the Willis Compass

Silvana Silveira and Patricia Valério. 18(7): 1453-1478.

Case Report

An Impacted Tooth Culprit for Unavoidable Catastrophe - Dentigerous Cyst

Prachi Fatangare, Harish Saluja, Seemit Shah and Anuj Dadhich. 18(7): 1479-1483.

Review Article

A Review on Hemostatic Gingival Retraction Agents and their Effect on Prosthodontic Treatment Procedures

Shaykhah Othman AlOthman, Taher Jamal Sandokah, Gadah Abdullah Alturki and Faisal A Alkhayyal. 18(7): 1484-1490.

Case Report

Mandibular Unusual Radiolucencies of the Jaw

Shrihari TG, Vijeev Vasudevan, Devaraju D and Nimi Suzan. 18(7): 1491-1494.

Case Report

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Dental Fusion

Nur Ozel and Alev Aksoy. 18(7): 1502-1508.

Case Series

Osteosarcoma of the Jaws (JOS) Treatment/Two Case Reports

Abdul I Touleimat and Nabila B Kabani. 18(7): 1509-1527.

Case Series

Longitudinal Analysis of Bony Nasopharynx Growth Pattern in Operated Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

Abdul Latif, Indira Inunu, Syafruddin Hak, and BS Latief. 18(7): 1528-1533.

Research Article

Analysis of Zirconia Ceramic Surfaces with Different Surface Treatments by SEM

Zuhal Gorus and Devrim Deniz Üner. 18(7): 1534-1539.

Review Article

What about of Maxillary Sinus, a Review on Sinuses Affections Related to Dental Practice

Gabriel Albuquerque Guillen, Vitor José da Fonseca, Marcio de Moraes, Claudio Ferreira Nóia, and Alexander Tadeu Sverzut. 18(7): 1550-1556.

Short Communication

Oral Cancer: Support, Advocacy, Research and Hope

Jimmy Kayastha. 18(7): 1565-1566.


Laser Assisted Dental Practice- A Perspective

Mithra N Hegde and Payal Garg. 18(7): 1567-1569.


Caldera, Keratin, Simulation - Keratoacanthoma

Anubha Bajaj. 18(7): 1570-1579.

Research Article

Activity of Zinc Oral Dispersible Tablet on Marjory Clinical Type of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis Ulceration, a Clinical Trial Human Study

Ghada Ali Al-Ouda, Ameer Hamdi AL-Ameedee and Sinan Abdul-Sattar Shwailiya. 18(7): 1580-1586.

Mini Review

Congenital Syphilis: A Mini Review

Nova Mariam George, Poornima C, Preethi Marcy D’souza, Renju Elsa Abraham, Preethi Poonja, Gowri Bhandarkar, Prasanna Kumar Rao and Raghevendra Kini. 18(7): 1594-1598.

Review Article

Irrigating Solutions in Pediatric Dentistry: A Big Deal in Little Teeth

Nilotpol Kashyap, Manisha Upadhyay, Jyoti Sharma, S J Das and Tulsi Katlam. 18(7): 1620-1626.

Review Article

Fiber-Reinforced Composites for Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacture of Dental Crowns

Richard C Petersen, Perng-Ru Liu and Michael S Reddy. 18(7): 1654-1672.

Review Article

Teeth Bleaching: A Closer View

Ahmed M Elmarakby, Afnan Abdulrahman Aldosari, Alotibi Sarah Faihan, Waad Majed Almutairi, Rehab Fayez Alenazi and Almutairi Jehan Muneer. 18(7): 1677-1683.