Volume 18 Issue 10


Veneering Zirconia by CAD/CAM

Jef Van Der Zel. 18(10): 2338.

Research Article

Artificial Saliva Sorption for Three Different Types of Dental Composite Resin (An In Vitro Study)

Amer A Taqa, Rajaa T Sulieman and Huda A Al-Sarraf. 18(10): 2339-2344.

Review Article

Advances and Updates of Regeneration with Blood Biomaterials-A Review

Treesa William Gomez and Manoj Vengal. 18(10): 2356-2362.

Case Report

Surgical Treatment of Mandibular Stage III Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Combining Buccal Fat Pad and Platelet Rich Fibrin: A Novel Approach

Ghada Bouslama, Nour Saida Ben Messaoud, Ayman Debibi, Wafa Hasni, Souha Ben Youssef and Abdellatif Boughzela. 18(10): 2322-2327.

Mini Review

Ligneous Periodontitis with Current Knowledge

Gulay Tuter. 18(10): 2309-2311.

Short Communication

You can be the Savior of Your Own Smile

Rajat Sachdeva. 18(10): 2317-2321.

Research Article

Comparative Radiographical Evaluation of Immediate and Immediate -Delayed Implant Placement on the Facial Bone Thickness

Rehab F Ghouraba, Amal A Al-Hessy and Mohamed M El-Sheikh. 18(10): 2363-2374.

Case Report

Maxillary Breast Floor Lift with Immediate Implant Case Report

Jacques Szuster, Alfredo Rosa Neto, Marcos Volpini Ferreira and Eliene Dutra Campos. 18(10): 2375-2379.

Case Report

Surgical Management of Bilateral Impacted Maxillary Canines: A Case Report

Janardan B Garde and Ashvini K Vadane. 18(10): 2388-2391.

Research Article

Why Patients will Advertise our Dental Practice?

Yulia Bogdanova Peeva. 18(10): 2399-2404.

Case Series

Rare Presentation of Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst: Report of Two Cases with Recent Updates

Dhara Dwivedi, Nitin Prabhakar, Vinay Nataraj Kashi, Melese Tabor and Srikanth Thammisetty. 18(10): 2405-2412.

Review Article

Bone Grafting with Coralline Hydroxyapatite

McPherson RA, Vickers PG and Slater GL. 18(10): 2413-2423.

Review Article

Carcinoma of Oral Cavity Causative and Risk Factors: A Review

Ashik Abdullah Imon, Quazi Billur Rahman, Farah Sabrina, Nayma Haque and Muhammad Rezwanul Islam. 18(10): 2424-2430.

Review Article

Management of Ludwigs Angina: What We Do!

Yashal Jadhav, Harish Saluja, Anuj Dadhich and Seemit Shah. 18(10): 2431-2434.

Research Article

Pervasiveness of Distal Caries in Mandibular Second Molar in Sequence of Affected of Impacted Third Molar in Hail, Saudi Arabia

Samaher Mohammad Almarshedy, Saada Sayyah Alenazi and Hussein Abdel-Aziz Marof. 18(10): 2435-2442.

Review Article

Therapeutic Aspects of Odontogenic Chronic Osteitis of Jaw

Andriamanantena RH, Randriamanantena T, Raotoson H, Rasolondraibe AF, Rakotoarimanana FVA and Razafindrabe JAB. 18(10): 2451-2458.


Recession- A Common Periodontal Pathology

Bharath Joshi. 18(10): 2461.

Review Article

Self-Esteem Improvement after Orthodontic Treatment

Jamal Mohammad Alqahtani, Saja Adel Battayb, Sulaiman Jaffar Rummani, Lama Ayedh Alkahtani, Abdulmajeed Faisal Allam, Ali Ayidh Alqahtani, Abdullah Abid Misiri, Abdullah Abdulaziz Turkistani, Mubarak Abdullah Algothmi, Gala Sharif Osman and Ali Naser Ali Naser. 18(10): 2462-2466.

Review Article

Association between Diabetes and Periodontal Disease: A Literature Review

Dareen Essam Badr, Mohammed Hamid Alenazi, Mohanad Abdullah Alowein, Mohammed Musaad Alodhayb, Mishari Mohammed Alahaideb, Amjad Abdullah Alamri, Rawan Abdulrazzaq Alshareif, Dalia Yousef Batwa, Bayan Yaseen Motahar, Fatimah Othman Montaser and Abdulmalik Saud Alsalem. 18(10): 2467-2474.

Research Article

The Effect of Crude Khat Extract on the Color Stability of a Nano-Composite Resin Material. An In Vitro Study

Mohammed A Dubais, Aulfat A Albahari and Thuraia M Genaid. 18(10): 2482-2491.

Case Report

Dilated Odontoma Peg Lateral “Vampire Look”: A Rare Case Report

Rimi Najeeb, Mehvish Saleem and Nitin Tomar. 18(10): 2492-2496.

Literature Review

Evaluation of Side Effects of Caffeine on Xerostomia

Hala Zakaria Mahmoud and Akram Nabil. 18(10): 2497-2506.

Research Article

Prevalence of Medications that may Induce QT Interval Prolongation in a Dental Clinic Population

Laura E Harris-Vieyra, Kalin L Johnson and Annika N Van der Werf. 18(10): 2507-2514.