Volume 6 Issue 7

Guest Editorial

COVID-19 and Selenium in Animals

Hirotada Tsujii. 6(7): 38-40.

Research Article

Detection of Antibodies against Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus in Nepal

Khanal DR, Shrestha S, Khanal S, Paudyal N and Naletoski I. 6(7): 53-58

Research Article

Effects of Calcium Supplementation on the Histology of the Cardiac Myocytes of Albino Wistar Rats

Hope Avwerhosuo Ugbero Odogun, Ighoyinvwin Peter Odogun and Olufunke Omolola Arishe. 6(7): 59-70.

Research Article

Epidemiology of African Swine Fever in the South Region of Cameroon

Victor Ngu Ngwa, Jocelyn Fredex Ebo’o Eyinga, Jean-Marc Kameni Feussom and André Pagnah Zoli. 6(7): 05-20.

Research Article

Development of a New Transport Box for Chilled Stallion Semen, ECOOL Box

Charlène Rouillon, Guy Delhomme, Frederic de Geoffroy, Clothilde Gourtay and Eric Schmitt. 6(7): 41-52.

Research Article

Toxicity of Cypermethrin (Pyrethroid Insecticide) in Female Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)

Ngaleu Njieudeu Claude Cédric, Vemo Bertin Narcisse, Guiekep Nounamo Arthénice Jemima, Menkem Brice, Boufack Judith Laure, Yidjeu Nana Aristide Ferry, Dongmo Nguedia Arius Bauland and Kenfack Augustave. 6(7): 89-97.

Research Article

Effect of Guinea Corn Based-Diets Supplemented with Feed Grade Enzymes on Productivity of Broiler Chickens

Uduak L Unah, Esther D Assam, Kufre O Ekpo, Eugenes K Ndelekwute and Iniobong M Udo. 6(7): 83-88.

Case Report

Epiglottic Chondrolipoma in a Dog

Maurizio Annoni and Marzia Carla Alessandra Morandi. 6(7): 98-104.


Nigella sativa: Prospect of Using in Poultry Industry

Sabiha Islam, Abu Nahiyan, Ibeen Jahan, Md Ektear Uddin and Muhammad Jahangir Hossen. 6(7): 105-106.