Volume 9 Issue 2

Research Article

The Phantasmatic Mind and the Superstitious Parts of the Tattooed Body

Maria Do Rosário Dias, Ana Ferreira, Maria Calejo Pires, Inês Nunes and Maria do Rosário Carvalho. 9(2): 01-07.

Research Protocol

The Particularities of Motherhood for Women Suffering from Epilepsy

Kopystseva TI, Lipatova LV and Titova VV. 9(2): 01-03.

Research Article

Emotional Trauma in Relationship: Consequences and Counseling Options Based on Approach, Indigenous to Russian Culture Traditions

Aleksandr F Bondarenko, Daria S Gavrilyuk, Alla A Guretska, Natalia A Kucherovska and Svetlana L Fedko. 9(2): 01-12.