Volume 8 Issue 11

Guest Editorial

Play in the Hospital: The Role of Psychologist

Maria Cristina Gugliandolo. 8(11): 81-83.

Research Article

Neonatal Screening of Sickle Cell Disease at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Libreville: Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects

JI Minko, AM Lembet Mikolo, A Mekamne, Steeve Minto’o Rogombe, L Moukambi, D Nkoghe and SJ Ategbo. 8(11): 24-29.

Review Article

Relevance and Applicability of the Apgar Score in Current Clinical Practice

Andreas Chiabi, Daniel Armand Kago, Georges Kamsu Moyo, Bolaji Obadeyi. 8(11): 01-07.

Mini Review

The Role of Carbocysteines in Outpatient Pediatric Practice

Yu L Mizernitsky and IM Melnikova. 8(11): 89-93.

Case Report

Unusual Bacteraemia with Serratia marcescens in Immunocompetent Child

Khalfan Alabdali, Abdullah Al-Farhood, Nawaf Rahi Al-Shammari, Elham Bukhari, Khalifa Binkhamis. 8(11): 94-97.


But he is Seizure Free Now!

Vivek Mundada. 8(11): 15-16.

Research Article

Neurosyphilis in Women of Reproductive Age

ML Chuhlovina, DV Zaslavsky and ЕА Bichun. 8(11): 41-47.

Research Article

Is Laparoscopy Orchidopexia a Good Option in Canalicular Testicular Cryptorchidism Patients? Experience in Hospital General Occidente, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

Gallardo Meza Antonio Francisco, González Sánchez José Manuel, Vidrio Patrón Francisco, Espinosa Jiménez Hermelinda, Murguía Guerrero Humberto, Cantoral Uriza Humberto, Vázquez Jackson Humberto, Elizabeth López Villalobos and Jessica Santoyo Cueva. 8(11): 1111-1116.

Mini Review

What U Need to Know About Hypertension

Nabanita Jena and Manju Bala Dash. 8(11): 48-50.

Mini Review

Impact of Sensory Deprivation on Health Outcome

Madhubala Canapathy, Jeystri Kurushev, Felicia Chitra and Manjubala Dash. 8(11): 30-34.

Research Article

Prevalence of Physiological Jaundice among the Newborns

Chandraleka R and Manju Bala Dash. 8(11): 35-40.

Research Article

Preliminary Study of a Digital Measure of Attachment for Children from 9 to 12 Years Old

María Cristina Richaud, Viviana Lemos, Elsa Bei and Jael Vargas Rubilar. 8(11): 98-101.

Research Article

Assessment of Iron Deficiency Anemia as a Prognostic Factor for Childhood Asthma

Enas F Elngar, Hassan A Shora, Badr-Elden M Mesbah, Ahmed S Abdella and Naglaa E Salem. 8(11): 127-136.

Case Report

A Child with Blond Hair and Bright Skin in a Family with Brown Colored Skin

Abdulnasser Ahmed Skheita and Ehab Abdelfattah. 8(11): 70-76.

Case Report

Drug-Induced Esophagitis in Pediatrics: Case Series of 5 Patients

Estefanía Carrión-Jaramillo, Andrea Vásconez-Montalvo and Fabián Vásconez-Muñoz. 8(11): 122-126.