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Journal : EC Paediatrics
Current Issue : Volume 12 Issue 12 - 2023
Publication Date : December 01, 2023
Frequency : Monthly
Language : English
Type of Publication : Online
Review Format : Double Blinded Peer Review
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Aim and scope

EC Paediatrics (ECPE) is a multidisciplinary, internationally peer-reviewed journal that significantly focuses on advanced paediatric research including novel insights regarding paediatric medicine. The vision of the journal is to improve the aspects of child health. The journal scope constitutes of topics relevant to adolescent medicine, neonatal medicine, various diseases and their treatments and all emerging research topics in the field of paediatrics. Novel practice models and advances in paediatric research and clinical care are increasingly expanding and is an extensively challenging arena. The journal covers all the vital topics under paediatrics, with a strong desire to improve child health status globally.

Paediatric care study is of vital significance for the welfare of child health. As paediatrics are easily prone to ill health and diseases, enormous care need to be taken for their management. Quality research helps to provide quality care to the children and also helps in treating problems. Study of paediatric care is a broad topic on which diversified research is carried out to improve child health care. The journal delightfully accepts all the original research in the arena of paediatrics.

Major subject areas of interest in paediatrics include, but are not restricted to the following fields :

General paediatrics, Paediatric subspecialties, Adolescent medicine, Neonatal care, Critical care medicine, developmental-behavioral medicine, Neonatal-Perinatal medicine, Paediatric emergency medicine, Paediatric pulmonology, Paediatric rheumatology, Paediatric genetics, Paediatric hospitalist medicine, Down's syndrome, Phenylketonuria, Achondroplasia, Severe thalassemia, Hyperammonemia, Prader-Willi syndrome, Developmental Paediatrics, Neonatology, Paediatric allergology, Paediatric cardiology, Paediatric dermatology, Paediatric endocrinology, Paediatric gastroenterology, Paediatric hematology and oncology, Paediatric Infectious diseases, Paediatric Intensive care, Paediatric nephrology, Paediatric neurology, Paediatric respirology, Paediatric surgery, Paediatric seizures, Acne vulgaris, Anorexia nervosa, Autism spectrum disorders, Celiac disease, Cerebral palsy, Cystic fibrosis, Hydrocephalus, Impetigo, Influenza, Intussusception, Kawasaki disease, Measles, Molluscum contagiosum, Mumps, Obesity in children, Pertussis, Pharyngitis, Scarlet fever, Primary care of the premature infant, Paediatric bone, Child abuse, Breastfeeding, Paediatric secrets, Paediatric otolaryngology, Paediatrics physiology, Paediatrics and Neonatal care nursing, Perinatal mortality, Neonatal surgery, Palliative paediatric care, Neonatal jaundice, Neonatal sepsis, Neonatal ventilatory management, Birth trauma, Biomarkers and neonatal brain injury, Infant care and infant health, Infants and Toddlers, Low birth weight, Neonatal gestational age and Birth weight, Paediatric psychology, Paediatric dentistry. All the paediatric related topics are covered in the journal.

EC Paediatrics heartily welcomes original articles on a wide research spectrum of paediatrics at

Latest Articles

Guest Editorial

Pediatric Rheumatology: To Broader Horizons

Djohra Hadef. 12(12): 01-02.

Case Report

Hemophilic Neonate with Massive Subdural Hematoma Rescued Using Life-Saving Management: A Case Report

Binoy Vadakke Nellissery, Chelladurai Pandian Hariharan, P Babu Balachandar, Sai Srinivas Bhagavatula, Sandeep Kuchi and Geevarghese Nithin Panicker. 12(12): 01-04.

Case Report

A Toddler Survived a Complex Multi-Systemic Infantile Presentation of COG6-CDG

Hossam Eldeen Hassan, Ayman Elhomoudi, Abdullah Alfalah, Abdurahim Abdellahi, Maryam Altassan and Ruqaiah Altassan. 12(12): 01-04.

Case Report

Nicolau’s Syndrome Following Metamizole and Penicillin Injection: A Case Report

Zuñiga Hernández ML, Dzul Pech F, Vidal Vidal JA, Urbina Hernández JF, Soancatl Rodríguez LG, Soancatl Rodríguez DG, Porras Aguilar E , Martínez Tovilla Y and Lara Hernández FC. 12(12): 01-09.

Case Report

Providencia rettgeri Meningitis: A Case Report

Wajiha Khan, Hina Bai and Syeda Ismat Bukhari. 12(12): 01-04.

Clinical Image

14 Years Old Child, without Antecedent Who Presents Since 2 Months, a Right Maxillary Formation Having Increased in Volume with Fatigue, Bone Pain and Diplopia

S Habib Chorfa, N Amsiguine, S Graini, S Bahha, N Allali, El Haddad S and L Chat. 12(12): 01-03.

Case Report

Firm Pancreatic Trauma in Children: About a Case

Nourrelhouda Bahlouli, Fatima Chait, Khadija Laasri, Nazik Allali, Siham El Haddad and Latifa Chat. 12(12): 01-05.