Volume 3 Issue 1

Research Article

Gene Ontology and KEGG Orthology Mappings for 10 Strains of Pseudomonas stutzeri

Jin Xing Lim and Maurice HT Ling. 3(1): 12-18.

Research Article

The Co-Evaluation of Endometrial Karyorrhexis and Uterus Congestion after the “U-74389G” Effect on Uterine Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

Constantinos Tsompos, Constantinos Panoulis, Konstantinos Toutouzas, Aggeliki Triantafyllou, George C Zografos, Kalliopi Tsarea, Maria Karamperi and Apostolos Papalois. 3(1): 19-24.

Research Article

Functionality Search for Structure and Sub-Cellular Localization of Hypothetical Proteins in Haloarchaeon Natrinema sp. J7-2 Plasmid

Hitesh S Thakare, Satish Sawale, Dilip B Meshram, Kunal Roychoudhary and Arun B Ingle. 3(1): 25-32.

Mini Review

Current Bioinformatic Resources in NMR Spectrum Analysis

Parviz Moradi, Mohsen Ashrafi and Mohamad Reza Azimi Moqadam. 3(1): 33-35.

Research Article

Homology Modeling of MMP11 in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Yogesh Joshi, Rupali Kota, Saishwari Yemul. 3(1): 36-42.