Volume 9 Issue 4


Pediatric Knee Problems: An Overview

Neeraj Arun Adkar and Harshal Tukaram Pandve. 9(4): 166-167.

Case Report

Concomitant Fractures of the Acromion, Coracoid, and Anterior Glenoid in Association with Dislocation of the Glenohumeral Joint: A Case Series

José Arturo Pacheco-Núñez, Bobby Dezfuli, Rafael R Bernal and Joseph E Sheppard. 9(4): 168-181.

Research Article

Evolution of Injury Rates in Skiers and Snowboarders from a Single Ski Resort: A 23 Years Overview

Aleix Vidal, Maximiliano Barahona, José Tomás Rojas, Macarena Santorcuato and Sergio Aguirre. 9(4): 182-186.

Research Article

Multidisciplinary Management of Surgical Wound Dehiscence with Hardware Exposure in Hindfoot and Ankle Osteosynthesis

Daghino Walter, Matteotti Renato, Basile Giorgio, Navissano Massino, Maiello Agostino and Massè Alessandro. 9(4): 218-224.

Mini Review

Hyaluronic Acid Injections in the Management of Tendinopathies. A Descriptive Review

Bernetti Andrea, Francesco Agostini, Alviti Federica, Mangone Massimiliano, Santilli Valter and Paoloni Marco. 9(4): 225-232.

Case Report

Recurrent and Multiple Digital Glomus Tumors: A Case Report

Blanchard Nguefack Noumedem, Jean Noël Goubier and Frederic Teboul. 9(4): 233-237.

Research Article

A Randomized Clinical Study of Topical Ketorolac Tromethamine Gel and Topical Ketoprofen Gel in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis or Low Back Pain

NA Shostak, SE Miasoiedova, NG Pravdiuk, AA Klimenko, Amit Garg, Shyam Akku and Suhas Khandarkar. 9(4): 252-259.