Volume 10 Issue 6

Research Article

Two-year Outcomes of Facet-sparing Lumbar Decompression with a Minimally Invasive Flexible Microblade Shaver Device

Morgan P Lorio, Lawrence D Dickinson, Christopher D Summa, Ronnie I Mimran, Thomas A McNally, Jed S Vanichkachorn, Stephen B James, Jeffrey B Phelps, Matthew D Hannibal, David B Musante, Winston R Jeshuran and Carl L Lauryssen. 10(6): 328-338.

Research Article

Injury to the Calf Muscle Complex Following Recreational Sporting Activities

Stanley Jones, Sumukh Khandekar, Balaji Talaseela, Farhan Siraj, Mohamed Mansur Ali, Ahmed Kamhawy and Sneha Patel. 10(6): 339-346.

Research Article

Unilateral Atlantoaxial Osteoarthritis a 10-Patient Retrospective Analysis

Sébastien Le Pape, Olivier Gille and Jean-Marc Vital. 10(6): 347-354.

Review Article

Recent Trends in Treatment of Malunited Fracture Distal Radius (Systematic Review)

Ashraf M Abdelaziz and Wael Sh Mahmoud. 10(6): 355-365.

Mini Review

How to Improve the Quality of Pharmacotherapy for Bone Diseases

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che, Swathi Putta, Hong-Ying Wu and Ying Shen. 10(6): 366-368.


The Reason for Scoliosis Posture

Valentyn Gusyev. 10(6): 371-374.

Research Article

The Outcome of Operation between Younger and Older than 12 Months for Development Dysplasia of the Hip

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Do Ngoc Hien and Hoang Hai Duc. 10(6): 375-388.

Research Article

Incidence of Dural Tears in Spine Surgery in a Tertiary Care Center of North India: A Retrospective Study of 300 Cases with Review of Literature

Jagdeep Singh, Raj Bahadur, Anshul Dahuja, Shanti Lal, Sorabh Garg and Radhe Shyam. 10(6): 389-393.

Review Article

Arthroscopic Hip Capsule Closure Technique: Time Efficiency in the Operating Room

Jon Anthony, Andrew Hadeed and Brian H Goldman. 10(6): 401-405.

Research Article

Evidence Based Physical Therapy Approach to Anterior Knee Pain

Hesham Mohamed Mohamed. 10(6): 406-410.


The Best Treatment is the Foot Correction

Valentyn Gusyev. 10(6): 411-413.

Research Article

Sacro-Femoral-Pubic Angle and Acetabular Cup Anteversion in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Lo Re Dario, Saporito Michele and Boniforti Filippo. 10(6): 429-437.

Case Report

Acute Septic Sacroiliitis Secondary to Trauma in a Teenage Basketball Player

Christine Boyd, James Policy, Laura Grambo and Joseph Smith. 10(6): 470-473.