Volume 9 Issue 4


Nanotechnology-Enabled Agriculture is the Future?

Lok R Pokhrel, Caitlyn Bacon and Liliana Barbour. 9(4): 162-167.

Research Article

Effect of Producing Energy Bars from Xanthosoma sagittifolium cv okoriko and Some Fruits and Nuts

Kabuo NO, Omeire GC, Akajiaku LO and Obasi AC. 9(4): 168-176.


Basic Considerations in the Nutrition of the Elderly

Farouk El-Sabban. 9(4): 177-178.


The Metabolic State

Mario Ciampolini. 9(4): 179-180.

Research Article

“School for Health” – For Children, Parents and Teachers Bulgarian Experience in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska, Aneliya Kuzeva and Svetoslav Handjiev. 9(4): 181-187.

Review Article

Nurse-led Discharge in Saudi Arabia: A Thematic Investigation of the Literature

Dalia Abdulfattah and Hayat Mushcab. 9(4): 188-195.