Volume 7 Issue 6

Research Article

Self-Reported Anthropometrics: An Adequate Evaluation?

Alina Delia Popa, Gina Eosefina Botnariu and Ileana Antohe. 7(6): 252-260.


Selenium an Essential Micronutrient for Human Health

Samwel Boaz Otieno. 7(6): 261-263.

Research Article

Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Bacteria Isolated from Farm Animals, Wildlife, and Food Samples in the Eastern United States between 2007 and 2013

Chyer Kim, Antoinette Torres, Wesley Smith, Ariana Kulinczenko, Steven Pao, Stephen Wildeus, Matthew Ettinger, Karen Gruszynski and Crystal Wynn. 7(6): 264-274.

Review Article

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Risk Factors in Young Ecuadorians

César I Ruano Nieto, Erika A Lucumi Villacres and Diego F Vaca Sanchez. 7(6): 275-286.


Protocolo Del Clinical Nutrition Program from Primary Care

Antonio Masiá Alegre. 7(6): 287-290.

Research Article

Consumers’ Feelings of Guilt as a Function of Snack Type

Margaret J Schuster, James E Painter, Ronan Bernas and Julia MacKenzie. 7(6): 291-297.