Volume 6 Issue 4


Fermented Foods and Health

Dele Raheem. 6(4): 126-127.


Adverse Food Reactions in Humans and Pets: A New Perspective of their Onset

Sergio Canello, Gianandrea Guidetti and Alessandro Di Cerbo. 6(4): 128-129.

Research Article

Levels of Four Heavy Metals in Two Fish Species Collected from Aldubaseen Area in Khartoum State, Sudan

Abdel Raheam HA El-Bassir, Ashjgan MA A, Maab E E, Ryan S G and Dina I M Alim. 6(4): 130-134.

Research Article

Human Risk Assessment upon Consumption of Cultured Fish from Two Fish Farms in Khartoum State

Abdel Raheam HA El-Bassir, Araiek A A, Ryan A A, Safa A A, Sitti Dhoirifa H C and Dina I M Alim. 6(4): 135-140.

Review Article

Thermogenesis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Dieting

Kaufui V Wong. 6(4): 141-143.