Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Article

Dietary Intake and Food Preferences of Autistic Children Versus Children with Typical Development: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study

Najma M Al-Kindi, Yahya M Al-Farsi, Mostafa I Waly, Mohammed S A-Shafaee, Charles Saki Bakheit, Marwan M Al-Sharbati and SamirAl-Adawi. 6(2): 72-85.


Active Packaging for Food Applications

Sofia Agriopoulou. 6(2): 86-87.


Is There Enough Scientific Evidence for Prescribing Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Marcus Vinicius Santos do Nascimento. 6(2): 88-90.

Case Report

Managing Sarcopenic Obesity: New Trends to Combat Dual Task of Muscle Loss and Fat Increment

Abhinav Yadav, Ashok Ahuja, Varsha Chorsiya and Dhananjay Kaushik. 6(2): 91-94.

Short Communication

Plastic Additives in Bodily Fluids Have Hormonal and Behavioral Effects

Kaufui Vincent Wong. 6(2): 95-99.