Volume 5 Issue 5

Review Article

Optimization of Healthy Fats in One’s Daily Diet

Kaufui V Wong. 5(5): 1232-1237.

Research Article

Technological Characteristics of Some Nigerians’ Sorghum Grain Varieties

Diarra M, Bouhari M, and Idakwo PY. 5(5): 1238-1242.


Lactose and Lactase

Eric Banan-Mwine Daliri, Byong H. Lee and Deog-Hwan Oh. 5(5): 1243-1244.


Digesting Light and Color

Kimberly Burnham. 5(5): 1245-1247.

Research Article

Selection of Lactic Dahi Cultures for the Fermentation of Soy Milk

Subrota Hati, Shilpa Vij and Surajit Mandal. 5(5): 1248-1254.