Volume 5 Issue 4

Research Article

Effect of Nutritional Counseling in the Form of Individualized Meal Plan on Serum Albumin Level among Hemodialysis Patients

Suhair Abdalla Khalil Abdallah and Yousif Babiker Yousif. 5(4): 1181-1187.

Short Communication

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Mind, Body and Beyond

Ravi Teja Mandapaka, Venkata Shreya Kiran Vedantam and Yogeshwar Dayal. 5(4): 1188-1190.

Review Article

Anti-Cancer Properties of Probiotics: A Natural Strategy for Cancer Prevention

Devaraja Gayathri and Rashmi B S. 5(4): 1191-1202.


Maintain Your Weight

George Grant. 5(4): 1213-1215.