Volume 5 Issue 3

Mini Review

Enniatins: An Emerging Food Safety Issue

Sofia Agriopoulou. 5(3): 1142-1146.


Awareness on Macronutrient and Micronutrient Intake of Adolescence

Md Monoarul Haque and Tasmina. 5(3): 1147.


Death should not be on the Menu

Darin Detwiler. 5(3): 1148-1149.

Research Article

Microbiological Flora and Proximate Composition of the Large African Cricket, Brachytrupes Membranaceus

Amadi EN, Kiin-Kabari DB, John GD and Solomon EC. 5(3): 1150-1155.

Research Article

Soy/Moringa Pork Balls: A Potential Snack with Desirable Nutritional and Organoleptic Properties

QA Udefiagbon, JO Igene, SE Evivie, PA Ebabhamiegbebho and ES Abel. 5(3): 1156-1168.

Research Article

Moderate Consumption of Red Wine Impacts Beneficial Anti-Obesity Potential and Histo-Protective Effect on Target Organs in Diabetic Rats

Magnus Michael Chukwudike Anyakudo and Bisola Funmilayo Ekisola. 5(3): 1169-1180.