Volume 5 Issue 2



George Grant. 5(2): 1082-1088.

Research Article

Nutritional Intervention of Adequate Calorie and Protein Intake Improve Malnutrition Among Hemodialysis Patients

Suhair Abdalla Khalil Abdallah and Yousif Babiker Yousif. 5(2): 1110-1119.

Review Article

The Potential of Combining Cereals and Legumes in the Manufacture of Extruded Products for a Healthy Lifestyle

Swapnil S. Patil, Margaret A Brennan, Sue L. Mason and Charles S. Brennan. 5(2): 1120-1127.

Research Article

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Aerobic Exercise Performance in Healthy Adults; A Randomised Single Blinded Placebo Controlled Pilot Study

Ferrington L, Bell S, Robertson A, Grainger A and Revuelta-Iniesta R. 5(2): 1128-1136.

Mini Review

Nanotechnology in Food Packaging

Sofia Agriopoulou. 5(2): 1137-1141.