Volume 4 Issue 6


On the Historical Background of Bovine Colostrum

João M. Rocha. 4(6): 980-981.

Research Article

Vitamin D Insufficiency is Associated with a Higher Risk of In-Hospital Mortality in Critically-Injured Trauma Patients

Omar K Danner, Ruben Burbank, Diane Dennis-Griggs, Kenneth L Wilson, Frank Jones, Assad Taha, Ernest Alema-Mensah and Ed W Childs. 4(6): 996-1005.


Health Benefits of Play: Physical Health and Nutrition

Helen Clark MA. 4(6): 1006-1008.

Research Article

Effect of Dietary Habit of Nutritional Status of College Girls

Mohammad Habibur Rahman. 4(6): 1009-1016.

Research Article

Lathyrism in South Central India: Lathyrus sativus Cultivation and its Consumption

P Amruth Rao, Ramesh Bhatt V, Sujatha Stephen and Ravi Teja Mandapaka. 4(6): 1017-1020.

Research Article

E-NPP1 as a Potential Link Between Insulin Resistance and Bone Health in Type 2 Diabetes

Sarah Zeglen and Guoxun Chen. 4(6): 1021-1036.