Volume 4 Issue 5


Anti-Hypertensive Probiotics

Eric Banan-Mwine Daliri, Byong H Lee and Deog H Oh. 4(5): 943-944.


Assessment of the Personal Meal Pattern

Mario Ciampolini. 4(5): 960-961.

Short Research Article

Appetizing and Healthy Muffins for Older Consumers

Karin Wendin. 4(5): 962-964.


Traditional Diets: Wisdom Worth Preserving

Sara D Garduno-Diaz. 4(5): 965-966

Research Article

Effects of Mega Dose Micronutrient Supplementation On Serum Zinc, Retinol and Immune Status of Adult Males and Females Diagnosed with and Without HIV, Malaria and TB in Western Kenya – An Unpublished Perspective as at The Year 2004

Mbakaya Charles, Nyambaka Hudson, Waudo Judith, Nawiri Mildred, Amukoye Evans, Orege Patrick, Kisingu Wilfred, Koech Davy, Ndiege Isaiah, Mpoke Solomon, Mwangi Moses, Wanzala Peter, and Muniu Erastus. 4(5): 967-979.