Volume 4 Issue 4

Research Article

Physico-Chemical Characterization of Some Nigerians’ Sorghum Grain Varieties

Diarra M, Nkama I and Hamaker BR. 4(4): 915-919.


Why is Food Security So Important?

Ravi Teja Mandapaka and Venkata Shreya Kiran Vedantam. 4(4): 920.

Research Article

Proximate Composition of Danwake from Sorghum, Wheat and Cassava Bases

Diarra M, Nkama I and Hamaker BR. 4(4): 921-926.

Research Article

Evaluation of Some Heavy Metals’ Concentration Levels in Fresh and Smoke-Dried Porcupine (Atherur africanus) Meat

J O Igene, P A Ebabhamigbebho, S E Evivie, E S Abel and O I Ayemien. 4(4): 927-936.

Research Article

Vitamin C Content of Ready-To-Drink Orange Juice in Different Storage Conditions

Malleta, Prince Jervis, Barrion Aimee Sheree, Hurtada Wilma and Orca. 4(4): 937-942.