Volume 2 Issue 6

Review Article

Systematic Review on the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among Adolescents in Malaysia 1990-2014

Hazreen Abdul Majid, Mohd Shahfiq A Abidin, Azimah Zamani, Tin Tin Su and Farizah Mohd Hairi. 2(6): 475-482.

Review Article

Sensory Issues and Feeding Difficulties in Children: A Clinical Perspective

Glenn Berall and Kim Milano. 2(6): 483-490.

Research Article

Diet, Nutrition and Ethnicity: A Cross Sectional Survey on Garo Tribal People

SM Zahid Hassan Arefin, Ranjan Koiri and Md Monoarul Haque. 2(6): 491-496.


Personalized Nutrition - An Opportunity for All Food Categories

Joerg Gruenwald and Irene Wohlfahrt. 2(6): 497-498.

Research Article

Blood Pressure Distribution Correlated with Body Composition, Physical Activity and Dietary Habits Among University Females

Rafia Bano, Eyad Alshammari, Epuru Suneetha and Maha Tareb. 2(6): 499-508.


The More Things Change...

Paul Bond Jr. 2(6): 509-510.