Volume 2 Issue 3


Addictive Behaviour of Dietary Intake Among Young Adults in Kuwait

SD Garduno-Diaz and H Abu-Ghazaleh. 2(3): 348-350.

News Letter

Nutrition and the School Environment

Helen Clark. 2(3): 351-353.

Research Article

Comparison of the Effects of High versus Low-Polyphenol Dark Chocolate on Body Weight and Biochemical Markers: A Randomized Trial

G Farhat, S Drummond, L Fyfe, G McDougall and EAS Al-Dujaili. 2(3): 354-364.

Research Article

Nutritional Status of Reproductive Aged Women of Santal Ethnic Community

Mohammed Abu Naser, Md Monoarul Haque, Md Zahid Hasan Khan, Md Shahjalal and Subal Chandra Roy. 2(3): 365-368.


Middle Eastern Ethnic Cuisine

Sara Diana Garduno-Diaz. 2(3): 369-371.