Volume 17 Issue 11


Melanins in Foods and Their Bioactive Activity

Wenbiao Wu. 17(11): 01-02.

Research Article

Uncontrolled Trafficking Situation in Nepal

Bishnu Sapkota. 17(11): 03-07.

Literature Review

Saint Petersburg Pensioners’ Nutritional Status Monitoring

VA Dotsenko, VP Bashmakov, LV Mosiichuk, AN Moschev and MN Gogoleva. 17(11): 15-19.

Review Article

A Review on Natural and Synthetic Food Flavors

Ogori AF. 17(11): 20-25.

Mini Review

Fish Based Paneer and Surimi Based Products

Hema K, Brimapureeswaran R and Usha Antony. 17(11): 26-30.