Volume 16 Issue 7


Good Taste of Healthy Human

Paul Clayton. 16(7): 01-05.

Research Article

Medical Nutritional Therapy Laid in Expert Hands to Strongly Suppress Insulin Resistance and to Restore Metabolic Health; a Review of the Evidence

Elisabeth Govers, Wilma Bouwman, Alie Lourens, Harriet Verkoelen, Berenice Jaime and Dave Schweitzer. 16(7): 06-19.

Review Article

Characteristic of the Biological Factor of the Production Environment of Medical Organizations Containing the Risk of Development of Hospital Infections

GG Badamshina, VB Ziatdinov, LM Fatkhutdinova, BA Bakirov, SS Zemskova and MA Kirillova. 16(7): 26-31.

Review Article

Insulin Resistance in Primary Dietary Care Practice. Review of the Evidence and a Proposal for Daily Use

Elisabeth Govers, Ismay Wiggers, Harriet Verkoelen and Dave Schweitzer. 16(7): 125-138.

Review Article

Spirulina Rising: The Application of Microalgae in Protecting Human Health and Treating Disease

Mark F McCarty and Nicholas A Kerna. 16(7): 141-152.