Volume 16 Issue 5

Research Article

Use of Dietary Frying Palm Oil in Broiler Chickens Rations their Growth Performance and Carcass Traits

Mohammed Omar Abdal Qadir Mohammed, Sami Ahmed Mohammed Arabi and Mohamed ES Mirghani. 16(5): 03-14.

Research Article

Physicochemical Characteristics of Bt (Seeni-1) Vs. Local Hamid Cultivar Cotton Seed Oils

Atif AA Yassin, Samah AM Abdelrahman, Ayia MA El-Hassan, Mohamed ES Mirghani and Nabil H H Bashir. 16(5): 15-22.

Research Article

Contribution of Histochemical Techniques in the Identification of Polysaccharides in Meat Products

Guelmamene R, Elgroud R, Bennoune O and Alloui N. 16(5): 23-27.

Research Article

Effect of Three Tenderizers; (Papain, Bromelain and Ficin) on the Tenderization of Beef (Oxtail)

Onyeneke Esther-Ben Ninikanwa and Ekenyem Benjamin Ugochukwu. 16(5): 28-37.


Food for Fighting Covid-19

Anuya Mane. 16(5): 38-40.