Volume 16 Issue 10

Guest Editorial

Paradigm Eminence of Stress-Free Healthy Life

Kirti R Bhati. 16(10): 15-16.

Research Article

Predictors of Various Levels of Anemia among Adolescent and Young Women 15 - 24 Years of Age in Ethiopia: Multilevel Ordinal Logistic Regression Modelling

Lire Lemma Tirore, Menaseb Gebrehaweria Gebremeskel, Tamirat Melis Berhe, Selamu Abose Nadamo, Desta Erkalo Abame, Habtamu Tamirat Derilo and Tekle Ejajo Wontamo. 16(10): 01-14.

Research Article

Results of a Baseline Community Food Assessment on the Mississippi Gulf Coast: The Value of a Two-Pronged Methodology

John P Bartkowski, Tennille Collins, Caroline R Newkirk, Jacinda B Roach and Janelle Kohler. 16(10): 17-49.

Research Article

Physicochemical and Sensory Evaluation of Chinchin Made from Blends of Wheat and Walnut Flours

Dauda AO, Salami KO, Ajao BO and Kareem MB. 16(10): 77-86.

Research Article

Effects of Nutrient Replacement on Yields in the Corn-Wheat/Soybean Sequence

Gudelj VJ, H Ghío, O Gudelj, C Lorenzon, MB Conde, C Galarza, P Tamburrini and F García. 16(10): 87-98.

Research Article

Dietary Supplementation of Turmeric Oil on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Economy of Broiler Chickens

MKH Nibir, HM Salim, L Biswas, MM Hassan and MAH Beg. 16(10): 99-107.

Research Article

Household Salt Iodisation Level and Urinary Iodine Concentration of Children Attending Public Primary Schools in Zaria, Northwest Nigeria

Okolo Ijeoma, Owolabi Olumuyiwa Adeyemi and James Dorcas Bolanle. 16(10): 108-115.

Mini Review

Nitrate-Free Nutrient Substrate for Plants on the Basis of Clinoptilolite

Vladimir S Soldatov, Olga V Ionova, Hanna P Yezubets, Svetlana Y Kosandrovich and Natalia V Vonsovich. 16(10): 50-54.


Oystermax® Pure Oyster Extract Powder

Stephen Kavanagh, Olga Ansmidte, Laura Bailey, Tim Yeomans and Joanna B Tierney. 16(10): 133-138.