Volume 16 Issue 1

Guest Editorial

Multifactorial Nature of Obesity

Zimere S Musliji, Marija Terzic, Azis Polozani and Zoran TPopovski

Review Article

The Future of Technologies for Agriculture

Rodolfo Bongiovanni and James Lowenberg-DeBoer.

Research Article

Eating Behavior in Older Adults at The “19 De Abril” Polyclinic. Municipality Plaza, 2019

Dra Roselí Sánchez Díaz and Dra Yarisa Domínguez Ayllón.

Research Article

Relationship Between Endocannabinoids During Pregnancy and Infant Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

ML Drewery, AV Gaitan, Y Liu, L Ji, SP Nikas, A Makriyannis and CJ Lammi-Keefe