Volume 15 Issue 6


Comprehensive Education Oriented to Patients with Diabetes Mellitus to Optimize Quality of Life

Freddy Contreras, Paula Triana and Manuel Velasco. 15(6): 06-08.

Research Article

Nutritional Challenges and Health Implications of Trans-Fat in Fast and Traditional Foods in Oman

Isam T Kadim, Al-Amri IS, AlKindi AY, Hamaed A, Al-Maqbali R, Al-Thani GS, Al-Harthi HS, Al-Qasmi SK, Al-Shiabani KY, Khalaf SK1 and Nasser A. 15(6): 87-99.

Review Article

Mediterranean Diet and its Food. Health Source

C Ramón de Cangas Morán, C Aldo Hernández Monzón, Karina Torres Escandón, C Andrés Llavona Fernández, Jose Ramón Bahamonde Nava, Karel Torres Miranda and Fernando Rojo Fernández. 15(6): 78-86.

Review Article

Biomedical Importance of Thiamin and Impact on Mitochondrial Machinery

Ramadhan Oruch and Ian F Pryme. 15(6): 41-51.

Research Article

Blood Biological Profile Evaluation of Women in Childbirth and their Newborns in South Abobo General Hospital (Abidjan, Côte D’ivoire)

Jean Paul Aristide Amani, N’guessan Jean-Baptiste Oussou, Rosine Affoué Kouame, Soualio Kamagate, Nahounou Mathieu Bleyere and Angoué Paul Yapo. 15(6): 27-40.

Research Article

Inadequate Lifestyle and Diet Quality in Pregnant Women at the Mother and Child Hospital in Cotonou, Benin

Azandjeme Colette Sylvie, Sossa Jerome Charles, Saizonou Jacques, Alihonou Florence, Houndegla Nicole, Mizehoun Carmelle and Agueh Victoire. 15(6): 69-77.